YASKAWA HANDLING ROBOT MOTOMAN GP165R has a maximum load of 165Kg and a maximum dynamic range of 3140mm. 

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In the research field of industrial robots, intelligence and miniaturization are the future development direction of robots. With the development of the times, high efficiency and speed are the main tasks of production technology. In order to liberate more labor, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and shorten In the production cycle, the automated handling robot GP165R came into being. The GP165R robot has a maximum load of 165Kg and a maximum dynamic range of 3140mm. It is suitable for YRC1000 control cabinets. The number of cables between the control cabinets is reduced to one, which improves maintainability and provides simple equipment. The unique shelf placement can effectively use the space. Through the combination with other robots, a colorful line layout is realized. The robot can be widely used in automated unmanned factories, workshops, freight stations, docks, etc., in places with more labor, which can increase work efficiency by about 50%, greatly reduce costs, and achieve energy conservation and environmental protection.
Controlled   Axes Payload Max Working Range Repeatability
6 165Kg 3140mm ±0.05mm
Weight Power Supply S Axis L Axis
1760Kg 5.0kVA 105 °/sec 105 °/sec
U Axis R Axis B Axis T Axis
105 °/sec 175 °/sec 150 °/sec 240 °/sec
The automated handling robot GP165R can replace manual cargo classification, handling, loading and unloading, or replace humans in handling dangerous goods, such as radioactive materials and toxic substances, which will reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve production and work efficiency, and ensure the personal life of workers Safe, realize automation, intelligence, unmanned. Use advanced sensors to accurately identify objects, analyze and process by the processor, and make corresponding responses through the drive system and mechanical mechanism.

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