TIG Welding Machine 400TX4

1.To switch the TIG welding mode by 4, to adjust the timing sequence by 5. 2.The gas pre-flow& post-flow time, current values, pulse frequency, duty cycle & slop time can be adjusted when Crater On is selected. 3.The pulse frequency adjustment range is 0.1-500Hz.

Products Details

Modelnumber YC-400TX4HGH YC-400TX4HJE
Rated input voltage V 380 415
Number of phases - 3
Rated input voltage V 380±10% 415±10%
Rated frequency Hz 50/60

Rated input

T I G kVA 13.5 14.5
Stick 17.85 21.4

Rated Output

T I G kw 12.8 12.4
Stick 17
Power Factor   0.95  
Rated No-Load Voltage  V 73
Output currentadjustable range T I G A 4-400
Stick A 4-400
Output voltage adjustable range T I G V 10.2-26
Stick V 20.2-36  
Initial current A 4-400 
Pulse current A 4-400
Crater current A 4-400
Rated Duty Cycle % 60
Control method   IGBT Inverter type
Cooling method   Forced air-cooling
High-frequency generator   Spark-oscillation type
Pre-flow time s 0-30
Post-flow time s 0-30
Up-slope time s 0-20
Down-slope time s 0-20
Arc spot time s 0.1-30
Pulse frequency Hz 0.1-500
Pulse width % 5-95
Crater control process   Three mode(ON,OFF,REPEAT)
Dimensions (W×D×H) mm 340×558×603
Mass kg 44
Insulation class - 130℃ (reactor 180℃)
EMC classification - A
IP code - IP23
1. Multi-Functional Digital Display Meters The values of current, voltage, time, Frequency, duty cycle, error code can be displayed.The minimum regulating unit is 0.1A 2. TIG Welding Mode 1). To switch the TIG welding mode by 4, to adjust the timing sequence by 5 . 2). The gas pre-flow& post-flow time, current values, pulse frequency, duty cycle & slop time can be adjusted when Crater On is selected. 3). The pulse frequency adjustment range is 0.1-500Hz. 3. Three Welding modes 1). DC TIG, DC PULSE & STICK. 2). When STICK welding is selected, both acid & alkaline electrodes are applicable and the arc- start & arc-force current can be adjusted. 4. TIG welding mode switch 1). the welding can be stopped by double press the torch switch when [REPEAT] is selected. 2). besides spot welding time, the slop can be adjusted too when[SPOT] is selected. 5. TIG welding mode switch Digital encoder, rotate to adjust, press to confirm 1). In order to consider the reliability of using in the tough environment, the machine's inside structure is horizontal. 2). The PC Board's circuit control loop has a separate sealing chamber. the PC Board is vertically installed in order to avoid the dust heap up. 3). Large axial flow fan, independent air duct, good heat dissipation 4). Multi-protectiond: primary overvoltage, undervoltage, open-phase protection; secondary overcurrent, electrode short circuit, water- shjortage protection, temperature switch protection, etc. 6.Function Settings 1. 100 groups parameters can be stored & recalled. 2. [F.Adj] can set/adjust more functions Current limitation function: the range is 50-400A Anti-shock function: this function can be selected when stick welding in the wet or cramped environment conditions. The factory default is OFF. Arc-start adjustment function: the arc-start current and time can be adjustable. Short circuit alarming: it will alarm when the tungsten electrode and the workpiece are short circuit , it will prevent the damange of the tungsten electrode. burning(please refer to the operation manual for more settings) 7.Arc-start setting High frequency arc-start and pull arc-start , are used even in the areas where the high frequency is forbidden.

Rated specifications:

The Newest Upgrade High-Quality Full Digital Pulse TIG Welding Machine:

Stands for standard configurations


(Applicable plate thickness: Max. 4.5mm)


(Applicable plate thickness: Max. 6.0mm)


(Applicable plate thickness: Max. 3.0mm)


(Applicable plate thickness: Max. 6.0mm)

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