Yaskawa OEM Supplier: Best Quality Products and Services

Shanghai Jiesheng Robot Co., Ltd. is a leading wholesale manufacturer and supplier of industrial robots. Our products are designed to enable production line optimization and increased efficiency. We proudly offer Yaskawa products, including a range of high-quality robots that can handle a variety of applications.

Yaskawa robots are known for their precision, speed, and versatility. They are ideal for industries such as automotive, electronics, and food and beverage. Additionally, Yaskawa robots are easy to install, operate, and maintain, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

At Shanghai Jiesheng Robot Co., Ltd., we are committed to meeting our clients' needs and exceeding their expectations. As a trusted supplier and manufacturer, we only offer top-notch products that meet our rigorous quality standards. If you are in need of reliable and efficient industrial robots, Yaskawa is the perfect choice, and we are the perfect supplier for all your robot needs.
  • Yaskawa is a world leader in motion control technology and robotics solutions. Their extensive product range includes AC drives, motor starters, motion controllers, and robots. The Yaskawa products are designed to enhance the overall efficiency of industrial automation systems by integrating seamlessly with a variety of machines, ensuring high precision and accuracy. The Yaskawa AC drives provide high-performance control of motors in many industrial applications, including fans, pumps, and conveyors. These drives can control the speed and torque of the motor, thus reducing energy consumption and improving production efficiency. The Yaskawa motor starters are designed to protect motors from damage during start-up and overload conditions. These starters can also be used to control the speed and direction of the motor. The company's motion controllers are used to control the motion of machines accurately and efficiently. These controllers are often used in robotics applications, where high precision and repeatability are critical. Yaskawa also provides an extensive range of robotics solutions for various industries. Their robots are designed to ensure high production efficiency and flexibility, while also improving product quality. In conclusion, Yaskawa provides a comprehensive range of products and solutions that are essential in modern industrial automation environments. Their products are designed to enhance production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and improve overall product quality. The Yaskawa brand is synonymous with precision, reliability, and innovation.
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